GoStart Services

GoStart is a local transport service for anyone who is unable to use conventional bus services or other means of transport through disability, isolation, affordability or availability.

A number of services are now available in the Sudbury area, including:

  • The Dial-A-Ride service runs on weekdays. Users can be of any age, but must live in the local area and must register. One escort may travel with you, if necessary.
  • Mini bus and driver hire service. Local charitable groups and organisations are able to hire a GoStart mini bus and driver to meet their transport needs.
  • Education shuttle runs. GoStart vehicles provide numerous service to educational facilities in Sudbury and the surrounding areas, including after-school work for a nursery and transport to take students home after school.
  • GoStart vehicles provide access to doctor’s surgeries, clinics, friends, opticians, shopping and other local journeys in and around Sudbury, between 9.15am and 4.45pm.

Charges are fixed according to where you live; the assumption is that your destination is somewhere in the Sudbury area. You will be taken home as well.

Download the price list as a pdf: RATE & FARE CHART AUGUST 2019

GoStart - Community Transport in Sudbury, Suffolk
GoStart - Community Transport in Sudbury, Suffolk