We are currently taking passengers to vaccination centres.

No fares are being charged or requested but we will be very grateful for any voluntary donations to offset the operating costs of this vehicle.

Give GoStart a call on 01787 242116 and we may be able to help you

GoStart – Community Transport in Sudbury, Suffolk

GoStart provides vital, low-cost transport services to pensioners, people with disabilities, school children and voluntary and charitable groups.

The GoStart objective is to provide transport to those who for reasons including age, poor health or living in isolation are finding they are restricted from leading a normal life.

With a fleet of five accessible vehicles, GoStart offers a wide range of transport services which allow passengers to go shopping, attend health appointments, visit friends and relatives, access educational facilities, enjoy day trips and get to work.

  • All vehicles are accessible
  • Dial-a-ride door-to-door service
  • People carrier service for longer journeys
  • Group hire for voluntary and charitable groups

GoStart Dial-A-Ride vehicles operate a door-to-door service within an 8- mile radius of the centre of Sudbury, serving communities such as Great Cornard, Acton, Long Melford, Great Waldingfield, Lavenham, Glemsford and Cavendish.


Our low-cost, demand-led transport services are available for anyone within the Sudbury area that satisfies any the criteria listed below:

  • Disabled, disadvantaged by location or with restricted mobility
  • Aged over 60
  • Unable to access or use existing public transport
  • Isolated by virtue of location or circumstances
  • Will benefit by getting out of home in order to engage in social activities

How to book

Simply call us on 01787 242116 or email gostart.ct@gmail.com.

There is no charge to register.

Bookings: 7 days in advance for Dial-A-Ride, as and when for hospital visits.

Booking office is open Monday to Friday, 9.00 am - 4.00pm.

Costs are from £4.50 for local journeys (Sudbury) and longer journeys start from 50p per mile.

For a full price list, go to our Services Page

Making a difference

For most people everyday journeys are taken for granted, but for GoStart registered users, our services can be a lifeline:

  • Attending health appointments
  • Going shopping
  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Accessing educational a social facilities
  • Day trips and outings
GoStart - Community Transport in Sudbury, Suffolk
GoStart - Community Transport in Sudbury, Suffolk